Requiem of the Four Realms

Dungeonmaster Pat Bids You Welcome to the Portal!
And on this day, the DM created a web presence, and saw that it was good.

Having used similar sites in the past, I can tell you guys that this one is AWESOME. There are sections that only I control, sections where we share control, and sections where I would like you guys to take over.

I will use the Characters tab to create entries for each player based on the character sheets in my possession. If you have your sheet at home, please try to fill in a Character page ASAP. Ultimately you will be able to edit and update them as needed. Beyond the info I already have on your characters, filling them out here allows me to link them, wiki-style, to other characters and game elements.

I added a pretty massive chunk to the front page campaign introduction, which includes a lot of history none of you have heard before, from me. Your characters would know it. You may note one or two small contradictions with my previous narration. Alas, such is the plight of Organic Worldbuilding. Please consider the version on this site to be the authoritative one.

Check out the wiki, where I added our Hero Points house rule. We can use the wiki for pretty much anything like backstories, art, etc.

One of the limits I have as a non paying user is that I may only have one map uploaded at a time, so I used the local region map. I also have a marked up map of Zuura with the Four Realms’ borders marked, but I can’t upload it to this site until I pay and lock in my membership.

Let me know if anyone has questions and please feel free to play with stuff! In terms of changing my/each other’s work (since this is wiki style), I ask that you stick to adding things only, not removing anything. If you think something is incorrect or sucky, add a note in brackets saying why you think it should be removed, and I or the original page author will take that into consideration.



Character Tab

Good day, friends and adventurers. Along the left hand edge of the screen you will see a menu of choices. Please go to “Characters” and enter as much as you can about your character. Going forward, this site will be my main authoritative source of information on your characters so make sure you keep it up to date. I don’t want a million debates over whether the diamonds went into the inventory, got traded for lamp oil, or ended up up Meric’s sleeve.

Game this Sunday?

I incorrectly assumed the party was tomorrow, not today. Is there anyone around and interested in getting together to play this coming Sunday, 6/28?

Krevva Dhon
Island Fortress of Despair

The island fortress of Krevva Dhon is located far from shore in Lake Serene. In the heyday of the Imperium, this remote retreat was employed as a secret laboratory. There is no record of any post-imperium explorers breaching this citadel. It may be empty and stripped bare. It may be thronged with monstrous creations and devices. It could even be continually operating, housing all manner of active, sinister experiments.


Sketch of Styx
The Free City of Styx

“Ah the so-called Free City of Styx… a motley rabble hiding behind their catapults and heretical trickery. The only reason my Wulfsgart cavalry haven’t lanced that pustule for good is that Styx is worthless and backward, with nothing worth capturing.”
- King Rogar of Wolfram, Seventh of his Name, PI 832

“Casualty Report: Battle of Styx, Wolfram Forces
Knights – 17 deceased, 32 wounded
Archers – 199 deceased, 473 wounded
Infantry Regulars – 802 deceased, 2,133 wounded
Infantry Levies, Militia, Mercenaries and Auxiliaries – 4,301 deceased, 9,679 wounded”
- Field Report, Wolfram Royal Army, following the disastrous Battle of Styx, penned PI 837


Helbridge City
The River Guardian

Helbridge is one of the largest cities in the Western Marches of the Mountains of Woe. Despite the relative poverty of Brechenwold, Hellbridge commands the mighty river trade from the breadbasket lands to the north down to Lake Selene.


Castle of Wolfram
The Inspiring Stoneworks

Wolfram Castle is considered one of the most beautiful in the Lake Serene region, and architecturally-minded and warlike individuals often make “pilgrimages” to view the castle and beg for tours of its subtleties and defenses. It is said that half the castles along the Mountains of Woe bear clear marks of being cribbed in part from Wolfram Castle.

- Fortifications and Fanes, A Guide to the Enduring Stoneworks of the Eastern Autumnlands, PE 721, Arnut Torsethaugen (translated from Dwarven)


Character portrait

Hey guys! Please take a few minutes to locate an appropriate portrait for your character. There is no prize for this, but if you don’t find something this weekend, I’ll arbitratily put my own version of how I picture your character up. Not in a jerk-way, of course. And we can always update them later. I just want something in every slot by the time we play.


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