Requiem of the Four Realms



Dungeonmaster Pat Bids You Welcome to the Portal!
And on this day, the DM created a web presence, and saw that it was good.

Having used similar sites in the past, I can tell you guys that this one is AWESOME. There are sections that only I control, sections where we share control, and sections where I would like you guys to take over.

I will use the Characters tab to create entries for each player based on the character sheets in my possession. If you have your sheet at home, please try to fill in a Character page ASAP. Ultimately you will be able to edit and update them as needed. Beyond the info I already have on your characters, filling them out here allows me to link them, wiki-style, to other characters and game elements.

I added a pretty massive chunk to the front page campaign introduction, which includes a lot of history none of you have heard before, from me. Your characters would know it. You may note one or two small contradictions with my previous narration. Alas, such is the plight of Organic Worldbuilding. Please consider the version on this site to be the authoritative one.

Check out the wiki, where I added our Hero Points house rule. We can use the wiki for pretty much anything like backstories, art, etc.

One of the limits I have as a non paying user is that I may only have one map uploaded at a time, so I used the local region map. I also have a marked up map of Zuura with the Four Realms’ borders marked, but I can’t upload it to this site until I pay and lock in my membership.

Let me know if anyone has questions and please feel free to play with stuff! In terms of changing my/each other’s work (since this is wiki style), I ask that you stick to adding things only, not removing anything. If you think something is incorrect or sucky, add a note in brackets saying why you think it should be removed, and I or the original page author will take that into consideration.


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