Chayla Truemattock

Expedition leader seeking to clear her father's reputation by finding the Lost Dwarven Thanesmeet Of Sahrkaur-dum


Impeccably neat and fastidious. She wears a navy-and-cream habit woven from expensive fabrics with every button shined to blinding. It is only if one gets a very close look that the wear and tear upon this luxurious garment becomes obvious. Her standard equipment is a quill pen with a sloppy self-inking mechanism and a stack of expedition paperwork. However, she is an explorer in her own right, and in her combat kit she wears leather armor and wields a small hammer.

Her face is nearly attractive, but her perpetual air of preoccupation and obsession gives off a very aloof and unapproachable vibe. Her enormous mop of hair, impressive even for a she-Dwarf, is always bound back in four thick, severe braids which gently thud against her shoulders as she moves, like a ship’s rigging in the wind. They are each secured with a small pewter disc, and reach down to the middle of her back. She has few friends among the Truemattock Expedition, and at least outwardly, she likes it that way. She is a consummate bureaucrat, which can be frustrating to her subordinates when in a combat situation. Of Chayla, it is said no copper penny nor Old Imperial Sovereign has passed through her hands without being stamped with her fingerprints, such is her miserly reputation.[[File:471686 | class=media-item-a[[File:471689 | class=media-item-align-center | 600×330px | Selvala-Explorer-Returned—-Tyler-Jacobson.jpg]]lign-left | 1092×738px | Chayla_Truemattock__kinda_.jpg]]


Chayla Truemattock

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