Angra Sayahad, the Prince of Chains

Angra Sayahad was a Veyan Magelord who was imprisoned a milennium before the fall of the Imperium. He has escaped his timeless prison and is now roaming the land with his pet guard beast, Durahan the Headless Armor.





The Prince of Chains was found by agents of the Truemattock Expedition Co. while on a routine rescue mission to retrieve a lost band of Cavern Crashers in a peculiar cave named “Shallow Grave” in Veyan speech. This prison had the unique capability to cause anything that died within its walls to rise as the undead. A massive, four-armed skeleton named [ ] The Keeper of Skulls, its memory and faculties fading, ordered the party of adventurers to seek the heart of the prison and check on the prisoner. After battling through waves of undead and piles of deadly traps, the party was able to activate the magical teleportation circle leading to the pocket dimension in which Angra had been imprisoned.

Appearing to them in the semblance of a small gnome of a toymaker, wrongfully imprisoned, he was not quite able to sway the party’s sympathies in his favor. He then mentioned his hidden weapon, Durahan, and how it would help them all escape. And so the party brought him out of his pocket dimension prison, and true to his word, Angra set Durahan loose to demolish traps, monsters and walls in making a path to the surface. Realizing what class of villain they had in their nominal custody, the party debated how to handle it.

Unfortunately the brave paladin Leonna, the one who instigated the dungeon delve to begin with, found herself unable to allow such a beast to walk free. Knowing it was a futile gesture, she upheld bright honor until the end, diving at Angra with her mighty axe Cogsmasher. The Magelord killed her so swiftly and so thoroughly that the party quite literally brought her home in a glass jar.

He is now at large somewhere in the Autumnlands, though both the Truemattock Expedition and Pax Arcanum have agents and affiliates scouring the landscape for him.

Angra Sayahad, the Prince of Chains

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