Requiem of the Four Realms

Tomorrow's Session

BE ON TIME I have a lot of cool stuff planned and I don't want to cut off in the middle!

I finally got off my ass and bought all the ingredients for korma curry. Korma is a sweeter rather than hot Indian Curry. It will contain chicken, carrots, potatoes, and peas. I plan to serve it over white rice. We will also have naan as a side.

It would be SUPER HELPFUL if folks could help us by bringing the following things for game:

1. Chinet bowl/plate things, the deep ones. I’m going to have a dishwasher full just from cooking/prep, I’d love to not need to be doing dinner-dishes at 9pm in the middle of game.

2. Soda or other non-water beverage.
Please post a chime-in if you’re cool to provide either or both, and I will feed you curry. You’ll get curry no matter what, of course. But those who contribute gain TWO hero points!



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